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Café Club Subscribe

Eve's English Cafe
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Café Club Subscribe *Maximum value - Minimum Price
( €7.50 per class)* 

- €30 a month while your subscription is active. You can pause or cancel at any time.
- includes all classes (4 per month) while subscription is active.

Café Club Programme
Autumn: September, October, November View topics
December: no classes (your subscription is paused)
Winter / Spring: Jan, Feb and March
April: no classes (your subscription is paused)
Spring/ Summer: May, June and July
August: no classes (your subscription is paused)

- You will be charged a recurring fee of 30 every month. It will begin from the time you subscribe. You can attend all classes (4 classes per month on Saturday) while your subscription is active. You can pause or cancel at any time.

- Success comes with regular practice. Students who choose this option report maximum benefit as they build relationship and make friends with the other members.

- Students who attend a full season will receive an Eve's English Café Certificate on completion.

Terms and Conditions

- Detailed briefs are sent to you in advance of each discussion. 

About Café Club
Café Club is an English discussion club for curious minds who would like to improve their English conversation skills by meeting people and discussing interesting topics.

Café Club is guided by Eve, a professional English teacher. She asks the questions and supports the discussion, while encouraging meaningful interaction between all members.  

Conversation skills in any language are built on communication and interaction with people. Café Club is the space where you can learn and build these skills. It is a friendly and supportive environment where you can make mistakes without judgement, learn new vocabulary, learn about other cultures, express yourself and listen to others. 

If you want to practice and improve your English conversation skills, please join us.

For more information and see our topics, click here.