Lesson view: Watch a lesson with a student reading her diary


This is Marikosan from Japan. She is studying English to improve her speaking and conversation skills. She has started writing a one-line diary: she writes one line every day and then reads her diary to me. We check her grammar, vocabulary pronunciation and I ask her some further questions to encourage conversation. 

This lesson teaches:

- Practice pronouncing ordinal numbers for saying dates: 21st, 22nd 23rd  

- Pronunciation of these words: 'stomach' and 'headache'. The pronunciation of these words was new for Marikosan as she had only every seen them written down, and never heard the correct pronunciation. She learned the correct pronunciation and began using it immediately.

- Q&A: After Marikosan reads, I sometimes ask her a question for further conversation. This is good listening and conversation practise for her. 

Marikosan is progressing steadily and the reason is that she works hard on her own as well as in her lessons. She spends time writing in her diary every day. It only takes a short time every day but the regular routine and the independent study gives her focus and motivation. She is excited to talk about her diary then with me in her lesson and because she has already prepared, we make great use of the lesson time. 

In order to progress, it's important to use material that is important to you. Every student is different and so it's important to find what this material is. What you learn should be relevant to your every-day life, then you can see a connection between your lessons and your real-life progress.  For Marikosan, this is her diary. She talks to me about things that are important to her. This helps her to enjoy her lessons, to look forward to them and to remember what she learns and practices in her lessons. 

Please note: student's video is off for privacy. 

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