About Café Club

Hi, I'm Eve and welcome to Café Discussion Club @ Eve's English Café.

I started my virtual English Café at the beginning of 2021 to create a friendly place for people like you to practice and improve your English conversation through fun discussion and meaningful communication with others. 

Have a real-life conversation
From my years experience as an English teacher and language student (Irish, Japanese, a little French...) I realised that traditional classroom learning using textbooks does not prepare students for having a real-life conversation. 

In the Café, we talk! 
In the café, you will have the opportunity to have conversations with other students and Eve, about various topics using guided discussion questions, supportive vocabulary and interesting idioms and expressions related to the topic. 

In the Café, we listen! 
Being able to express your opinion in English is fantastic. But can you understand when someone else does it? Conversation is a two-way thing. And discussion can include many people. In the café you will have the opportunity to listen to other students and Eve and make meaningful communication. 

Learning English should be fun, meaningful and interesting
Do you enjoy meeting people and learning about different cultures and countries? The café is a global community of English speakers around the world with students from every continent in the world. As well as discussing a new and interesting topic every week, we also do quizzes, games and presentations. 

Café Club Discussion takes place every Saturday at 12:00 UTC + 1 on zoom.

Personally, it's my favourite time of the week and in the words of Stefano from Italy, who has been a member of the Café from the very beginning: 

'Once you start to participate you can’t wait for the next meeting!' 

(Stefano, Italy - Café member since the very beginning)

Put into practice what you learn from books, instagram, podcasts and movies. 
Phrasal verbs, idioms, vocabulary lists, verb tensesDo these words make you sweat? They are vital components of language ability. But they are only useful if you can use them in conversation. Did you learn a cool new idiom recently? Try it out - share it in the Café. It will make the idiom meaningful to you. 

Discussion Topics
Can you talk about Christmas in English? Can you talk about your fears and phobias? Can you talk about life before smartphones? We discuss a different topic every week. What's been my favourite so far? It's really hard to choose but we had a really fun discussion one week about of all things.. coffee! We learned about the history of coffee, it's journey around the world and did a quiz to find out if we are coffee addicts! It is a café after all. 

Check out our topics here. 

Eve's English Café is unique... 

and 100% independent. I do everything myself from the marketing, design, planning, preparation, administration and of course the teaching and co-ordination of the Café meetings and lessons. I won't sell your data. I don't have any investors. I am 100% funded by your membership. It is a pleasure and a privilege and I love every minute. Thank you ❤️


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    ...of English speakers around the world, our network of curious minds who practice and improve English conversation by learning, discussing, exchanging ideas, meeting people and discovering the world.   

    I look forward to seeing you in the Café. 

    Eve x 

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