What happens at Café Club?

''There's an amazing power between us''. These were the words of one of our Café Club members in some recent feedback.

Where there are people coming together, there is always power. Where there are people coming together from different countries, cultures and backgrounds, there is a special kind of power. I get such a buzz from sitting down with a group of people on Wednesdays and Saturdays to share ideas and opinions. It's so much fun and I am always on a high afterwards. 

Learn and improve English
We come together to listen to each other, to share and exchange ideas and to learn from each other. I did a survey before I set up the Café and 66% of people said their reason for joining the Café was ' To share ideas and meet people from other countries and cultures'. What allows us to communicate with each other is English and 88% of people said that their reason for joining the Café was to 'Learn new things and improve my English'. 

I never give correction in the Café, it's not the place for it. If a student is having trouble remembering a word or expressing something, of course I am there to help and support 100%. But y
ou don't have to speak perfectly. Of course you should aim to speak as well as you can and be understood, but nobody is scrutinising or correcting your mistakes. We are all supporting and encouraging each other. I always give positive feedback afterwards and thank students for their participation. For focused correction, I recommend 1:1 lessons. The Café is a place to practice what you have learned, to express what you know and to listen to others.

So far we have discussed the topics  'Meeting people', 'A healthy lifestyle', 'Social media' and 'Animals and pets'. We watch videos, identify interesting vocabulary, discuss questions and learn fun idioms related to each topic.  We watched this video last weekend of a baby iguana getting chased by killer snakes. Christian said it was 'stressful' and Noemi said she 'suffered', which summed up my feelings about it too.   

Of course, bringing people together from different countries and cultures also requires care and sensitivity and I am aware of this. With students from all different parts of the world, the topics are quite neutral, light and easy-going without religion or politics. Everyone is welcome and respected. 

Café Rules
The café only has two rules: 1. Speak English 2. Respect Everyone.

We meet, chat, learn and most of all we have fun. Some people drink a cappucino, others drink a beer, depending on what time it is where they are. Because Japan is 8 hours ahead of Ireland, it is always evening time there and for some, time to enjoy a beer, a glass of wine or whatever your favourite drink is. It is a café after all :)

You can find out more and join here 

Thanks and see you in the café :)
Eve xo


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