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Café Club - English Discussion Club

Every Saturday at 12:00 UTC
(intermediate - advanced)

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If you would like to practice and improve your English conversation in our fun, friendly and supportive group, you can find out more and join here.

See ya in the café :-)

Eve x

Eve's English Café is a global community of English speakers around the world. It is a virtual space for curious minds to practice and improve their English by meeting others, sharing ideas and discovering the world :-)

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Café Club: Learn English through Discussion

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The experience of cafe club is amazing! The people are fantastic and it's very nice to share opinions among everyone! I think that I am improving every day more my English with you and your beautiful café projects and programs!
It's like travelling around the world!

Michela (Italy)

Eve’s English Cafè is great. Eve is energetic and positive so that we have a conversation with fun. Participants of the cafe are always nice and they are from various countries, so we can learn not only English but also different cultures. I always enjoy talking to them in the cafe. I am always having a great time in the cafe!!

Hiro (Japan)

Thank you Eve. I read the story of Mr Pat Doherty. I read it on my own, I understood a lot and really enjoyed it. After that I listened to the song in the story by Harry Belafonte. After that I studied his biography. After that I got aquainted with Calypso blues and jazz. Today is my day of knowledge. I'm discovering the world.

Alexander (Russia)
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