About the Café


About Eve


  • Upper Second Class Honors Degree in English Literature and History  (University of Ulster, Coleraine)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in TESOL (University of Ulster, Coleraine)
  • I have completed personal development courses in: Acting, Mindfulness, Philosophy and Disability Awareness. I am also a trained Crisis Volunteer for a mental health charity in Ireland. 

Teaching Experience

  • Centre of English Studies, Dublin, Ireland
  • Swan Institute, Dublin, Ireland
  • Mora Ferenc Altalanos es Kozepiskola, 
    Győr, Hungary (Grammar School)
  • Gaba Conversation School, Kyoto, Japan
  • Private Group Lessons for children: Kyoto, Japan
  • italki.com: One:One virtual lessons with students from all over the world. 


    I'm from Donegal, Ireland, a very rural and beautiful part of the world and I love travelling to other parts of the world. I've been to many places in Europe including England, Scotland, Spain, Holland, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Latvia. I've also been to America and Australia. 

    Into the East

    In 2016 I went on a journey east from Ireland. I called my story Into the East and wrote about it in a column for our local newspaper the Donegal News. I spent time in Italy, India, Malaysia and Bali before settling in Japan for four years where I taught English, worked in an Irish pub, learned Japanese and made some wonderful friends. During that time I also visited South Korea.

    My journey Into the East was an extremely mind-broadening and eye opening experience with wonderful moments and difficult challenges along the way. Here are some of the highlights.


    Drinking from the cup of life. Vatican Museums, Rome, Italy.


    Annica - Everything changes: Relaxed and happy after 10 days Vipassana MeditationPushkar, India


    Mistress of the universe learning how to ride a scooter, Canggu, Bali. Read more


     Sunrise trek of Mt. Batur (an active volcano), an exhilarating experience, Bali. Notice the sun rising behind us :) 


    Tree pose at sunset, Echo beach, Bali. 
    Learning the beautiful art of yoga. 


      Akihabara (Electric City), Tokyo, Japan. Read more


     Sunrise at Fushimi Inari shrine doing hatsumode (first temple visit of the year) New Year's Day 2017, Kyoto, Japan



    Sightseeing in Seoul, South Korea 


    English Conversation Night, Man in the Moon pub, Kyoto 

    Playing music during my shift at Man in the Moon, Irish Pub, Kyoto.

    A wonderful, magical, unique and special place with a welcome for everyone from every corner of the globe. Staff and customers were like family to each other. 

    You could always hear a variety of accents and language but English was the language that really connected tourists with local people. Even when there was no common language, people managed to connect with each other.  It is a truly multicultural place. I learned so much about how to connect with people from different cultures and countries and the importance and value of respecting differences as well as similarities.